Dell KACE partners with Raynet to offer the RayPack packaging tool

Dell KACE partners with Raynet to offer the RayPack packaging tool

Raynet GmbH, Europe’s leading provider of software packaging and application lifecycle management products, and Dell KACE, the leader in any point management are partnering to bring Dell KACE K1000 customers the benefit of RayPack´s packaging tool.

Good news for Dell’s KACE K1000 customers! Dell KACE K1000 customers will now be offered a limited edition of RayPack, Raynet’s enterprise packaging solution, under the name RayPack for Dell. Small and medium businesses (SMB’s) need the same functionalities and comforts offered in comprehensive enterprise solutions. However, in most cases SMB’s are not able to reap the benefits of such solutions because of high prices and related implementation and maintenance efforts. Yet, that is not the whole story. Even if a fitting solution is in place: in case of company growth or enhanced requirements the need for enterprise level components arises. Unfortunately, these common and most welcome business changes often result in extensive research and re-design measures, devouring precious shares of the extension budget.

Dell and Raynet now meet these scoping requirements by providing an advantageous combination of their two solutions. The state-of-the-art enterprise software packaging tool RayPack, as special edition RayPack for Dell, will be provided to customers of the Dell KACE K1000 solution and in turn is optimized for small and medium businesses. Depending on changing demands and company growth, the customer can enhance this basic solution until it reaches the required comprehensive enterprise level and does not have to undergo new designs or evaluate new systems. The privileged upgrade path for KACE K1000 users allows to scale the implemented RayPack edition up to its full extend – at minimal costs and environment adjustments.

‘This is what Raynet generally offers to customers’, says Mr. Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet, one of the leading companies when it comes to application lifecycle management. ‘Our solution follows highly modular design principles and allows step-by-step extensions depending on customer needs. We’re very happy and proud that we found a similar thinking and acting partner in Dell KACE. This is truly the best of both worlds for our customers.’

Dell KACE K1000 customers will enjoy privileged upgrade possibilities. Based on the RayPack for Dell edition, they can purchase step-by-step add-on-packages that allow them to upgrade up to the RayPack Professional or Enterprise edition. The user interface will contain previews to all those functions which are not covered by the RayPack for Dell edition, so that users can estimate themselves if non-available functions would significantly help them and increase their productivity and making them subject to purchase.

‘We are happy to partner with Raynet’ says Dave Kloba, General Manager Dell Endpoint Systems Management, ‘Our customers are asking for a robust and simple to use software packaging solution and RayPack allows us to provide a solution that meets their needs.’

Dell KACE K1000 customers will be entitled to use RayPack for Dell as packaging tool along with their Dell KACE appliance. Please ask your Dell Software Sales Representative, or visit for further information about the conditions of this Special Edition, and details about support and maintenance Raynet provides along with it.

RayPack for Dell KACE K1000 is the best-of-breed Application Packaging Solution with cutting-edge features including the fastest capture engine, state-of-the-art user interface and much more…

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