Citrix App Layering: Packaging and modern Client Management by RayPack Studio


IT departments often put a lot of effort into ensuring holistic client management. Maintaining numerous golden images and dynamic adaption of policies or task flows is a tedious and error-prone task. In order to implement client management well, the separation of concerns is necessary. This means that different task areas, such as creation, updating and administration of operating systems, applications and user data, are carried out as partial solutions. This is exactly what can be achieved with the App Layering approach. With this technology, applications can be separated completely from the operating system and environment. This simplifies the client management process significantly and reduces effort considerably.

In addition, the importance of this concept increases. According to a survey by, in which almost 600 participants in 67 countries participated, 16.08% already rely on Citrix App Layering. 4.49% want to implement the App Layering solution in the near future.

Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of services and products for application lifecycle management, uses this technology and will further optimize Citrix App Layering with its software packaging solution RayPack Studio.

One master format for everything
Until now, applications with Citrix App Layering always had to be re-exported when they were needed in a different format. RayPack Studio’s roadmap includes the development of a master format from which applications can be exported to different formats (MSI, MSIX, LAYPKG, etc.) without having to recreate them each time. A high increase in flexibility and an enormous time saving are the positive results.

Significant reduction of data volumes
When exporting an application with Citrix App Layering, large amounts of data are generated which are not required and occupy unnecessary storage space. Thus, an application with 1.3 MB can quickly become one with over 700 MB. With RayPack Studio, applications can soon be customized so that unneeded files are cleaned up easily and the file size is reduced up to five times.

Compatibility checks between applications and layers
If several applications are installed on one or more layers, complications may occur that cannot be detected directly. RayPack Studio will offer the possibility to check applications and layers using compatibility tests to directly detect and resolve any incompatibilities.

These and other features are part of the RayPack Studio roadmap. Prospects can stay curious.

About RayPack Studio
RayPack Studio provides a set of software products and components for professional enterprise software packaging. Besides software packaging and virtualization, RayPack Studio considers all packaging-related tasks: conflict and compatibility checks of software applications and packages, software evaluation, and quality assurance. The perfectly matched software products allow to efficiently pass through individual phases of a packaging process. At the same time, they accelerate your workflow considerably.