A New Era in Application Deployment


With the official launch of the Package Store, Raynet offers ready-made software packages for easy downloading

Raynet, Europe`s leading provider of software packaging and products for Application Lifecycle Management, proudly presents the new Package Store with the widest range of high-quality software packages.

Companies need resources, time, know-how and the right tools to create and maintain their software packages. In today’s fast-paced world, especially in terms of up-to-dateness of software versions, this is quite a challenge. With the new concept, Raynet addresses enterprise customers as well as small and medium-sized companies. Being an online shop, the Package Store offers standardized, quality-assured and cost-efficient software packages for direct purchase. Each software application is tested on the Windows 10 operating system and can be used for any software distribution solution.

“Our vision is to provide custom installation wizards for any version of any software title and in any format,” says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director at Raynet. Customers minimize effort that is normally required for research and reverse engineering installations as they receive a complete, adjustable package.

Customers can choose between three versions according to their requirements: Basic, Standard and Advanced Packages.
Basic Packages contain default settings, which require an automated software installation and uninstallation. These packages are available free of charge in combination with various RaySuite products.

If a customer wants to make configuration adjustments, Standard and Advanced Packages are the right choice. Configurations can be easily set up with RayPackage, the intuitive wizard that the customer receives with the purchase. The standard version includes the industry’s top 10 rules that Raynet has identified and compiled from ten thousand software packages and packaging projects. These include removing the desktop shortcut during installation or disabling automatic updates. The availability of these standard rules depends on the respective software. Further options can be configured in the Advanced Packages. In this version, the customer receives all the existing configuration options depending on the software.

Many companies also want to make specific adjustments. In the exclusive Enterprise Area of the Package Store, customers can define and add additional rules as well as individual packaging guidelines and branding.

In addition, customers can use the software packaging solution Packaging Suite to supplement software packages with additional individual configurations and to store them easily into any software distribution product. This overall solution supports much more than just software packaging. Packaging Suite enables the user to create intake / evaluation documentation, perform quality assurance and manage the complex process of application packaging. Software packages available in the Package Store serve as an excellent basis and reduce costs of pre-analysis. Customers can therefore concentrate on the essentials.

Simultaneously with the Package Store, the Packaging Suite 4.1 is released. New and improved functions that optimize workflows down to the smallest detail and ensure highest quality are included in the products RayFlow (workflow management), RayPack (software packaging), RayQC (quality assurance), RayQC Advanced (application readiness) and RayEval (software evaluation/discovery). With the new version, Packaging Suite can also be used as a concurrent license which is measured with our Floating License Server.

Feature Highlights: Additional information describing the new features is available in the release notes: https://raynet.de/en/Download

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