High Performance Application Lifecycle Management


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We are the right partner when it comes to software asset management, license management, evaluation, packaging, quality control, compatibility management and deployment. With the RaySuite we can carry out the entire application lifecycle management. Our products and solutions are used by customers all over the world in order to accomplish their Software Management projects. 

Products Products

The RaySuite is a comprehensive set of products that automates various tasks within an Enterprise Application Lifecycle. This automation ranges from the analysis of the existing application portfolio and license inventories by means of a complex license management and software packaging, all the way to a comprehensive quality control, and finally to the deployment of the software in the company’s manufacturing plant.

Services Services

Our full range of services supports companies to optimize IT landscapes and processes. At the same time, customers all over the world benefit from our years of experience and technical know-how. Our certified specialists accompany you in your software- and system management projects and find solutions that are tailored to your business.  

Training Training

Stay up-to-date with state of the art technology. Our training courses are tailored to our customer’s needs and are permanently being updated. Learn from our experts to deal with the latest software releases. The training portfolio offers product training for the whole RaySuite and partner products, as well as tool-independent courses on best-practice usage. 

Events and Webinars Events and Webinars

Get the latest information about our offers at Raynets industry events and share information with our experts. In our free live webinars we provide detailed information about our products and show how to use them best-practice. save a seat and benefit from our experience.


Partner Partner

Our products and solutions are strengthened by strong strategic partnerships with leading companies and are used efficiently and performance-oriented all over the world. Find your local Raynet partner or become a partner yourself. 


Downloads Downloads

Please download the technical and product descriptions. They are instant available and always up to date.

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