20 years of Raynet

We celebrate our 20th anniversary!

Goals and Visions were the inspirations of a small group of people to found Raynet 20 years ago. Ever since then, we are driven our determination and our aspiration to achieve our ambitious goals. Together, we can look back on many successful years and look forward to many – even more successful – years to come. We thank all of you who have supported us to this point and who will continue to do so.

{:de}Karte Zaubertrick{:}{:en}Card magic trick{:}
Flugzeug Außenbereich
{:de}Hangar 20 Jahr Feier{:}{:en}Hangar 20 year celebration{:}
20 Jahre Speisekarte
Flugzeug und Hangar
{:de}Flugzeug mit Luftballons 20{:}{:en}Plane with balloons 20{:}
Rede Andreas Gieseke Haci Ötüm
{:de}Ragip Aydin Lachen{:}{:en}Ragip Aydin smiling{:}
{:de}20 Jahre Tischdeko{:}{:en}20 year celebration table decoration{:}
{:de}20 Jahr Feier Party{:}{:en}20 year celebration party{:}
{:de}Goodbeats Leadsänger{:}{:en}Goodbeats lead singer{:}
We say Thank You