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Our highlights at the AppManagEvent 2021

Automatic collision and compatibility checks on Windows 11

When it comes to the migration to Windows 11, many companies are faced with the uncertainty of knowing whether their applications are suitable for the new target platform and cannot reliably predict the extent of potential disruptive factors. This not only causes unexpected delays for migration projects, but also costs valuable time and, in the end, money.

RayPack Studio performs automatic collision and compatibility checks on software applications. It examines whether software packages are suitable for use in specific environments, for sharing with other applications.

Immediately available software packages - analyzed, quality assured and deployable

Every new operating system migration entails enormous costs and efforts. Among other things, the software application must be Windows 11 compatible. If compatibility is not guaranteed, the entire software packaging effort, from evaluation and packaging to quality assurance, must be performed again. The Package Store delivers immediately available software packages, which are analyzed, quality-assured and deployable on Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows 11: The modern and simple way of software packaging

No matter if classic or virtual packaging, old or newer operating systems. With the complete software packaging solution, users get a modern and simple solution to easily create the software packages in your company for Windows 11.

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Our highlights at the AppManagEvent 2021

IT Visibility – Discover to Manage

IT Visibility has become a challenge for software management due to cloud and hybrid IT environments. Without knowing what is installed, you cannot be efficient in software packaging, software provisioning, and migration projects. Therefore, it is essential to collect, enrich and analyze all hardware and software data in order to make informed decisions.

In this session, we will present you how to regain transparency through intelligent automatisms. In addition, you will benefit from important information such as readiness data, vulnerabilities or portfolio optimizations in order to be optimally prepared for every upcoming project.

Stop packaging. Think out-of-the-package!

Heterogenous software packaging ecosystem on Windows has been always a challenge for packaging and software deployment. Bridging different setup types has been proven difficult, and the introduction of MSIX has not made it into a standard.

In this session, we will bring our own project experiences and share our thoughts on what packaging today means and which challenges the transition brings. One of the topics will be the revival of wrapped packages (for example with Power Shell App Deployment Toolkit – PSADT) with a live sneak preview of upcoming RayPack Studio functions, helping packagers deliver even complex software faster and easier.