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Kreis Lippe

Referenzkunde Testo AG

Im Paderborner Paketierungs- und Software-Management-Spezialisten Raynet fand das Unternehmen aus Baden-Württemberg ein Unternehmen auf Augenhöhe.

Der Kunde

Testo stellt portable und stationäre Messtechnik her, unter anderen für die Heizungs-, Klima-, und Umwelttechnik, Industrieanwendungen, Emissionsmessungen und die Kontrolle von Lebensqualität.

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Kreis Lippe

Kreis Lippe

Reference customer Kreis Lippe

'Thanks to Raynet, we could clarify many licensing issues with which we are well prepared for our future challenges'.. In addition, we were able to plan our spendings in IT for the upcoming years more accurately through the revelation of all available software rights.
Tim Veers, Team Leader Information Technology


Kreis Lippe is a district in the region of Detmold in the north-east of North Rhine Westphalia with the capital Detmold. In total 16 local communities as well as diverse companies are part of the responsibility of its district. Kreis Lippe represents an important part in the economic region of Westphalia.

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Medium-sized business in the area if automative

Success Story

Reference customer in cooperation with our partner Bechtle

„With Raynet and Bechtle, in a short period of time we succeeded in the reduction of our software portfolio by more than 70 % without suffering any losses. Thereby we not only achieved significant cutting of costs, but also prepared a solid foundation for the migration to Windows 10, as well as, a future-proofed management of our software", a medium-sized business in the area of automotive.

The Customer

As one of the leading vendors of components for interior design of automobiles our reference customer is part of the international market. With approximately 1.500 employees, the company distinguishes itself by its customer-oriented service centers and manufacturing plants all over the world.

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