With the intuitive inventory solution RayVentory, one of the largest US software manufacturers was able to scan its server farm with more than 670,000 servers in no time.

The customer

Founded in 1982, the company has nearly 22,000 employees and is one of the largest software manufacturers in the world. With annual revenue of $9.03 billion, the company is the world leader in image processing and illustration. In addition to its headquarters in California, the globally active group has branches in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe as well as Africa.

Baseline situation

The goal of this project was to gain complete transparency over the complex server landscape and to implement a central inventory solution for all technical data. Thereby, a high degree of automation for better data quality had to be achieved in order to not only work more efficiently, but also to reduce costs and minimize risks.

Optimal software licensing pays off. Incorrect or even missing license management damages sustainable planning and also the dangers of over- or underlicensing exist. For preparation and as a foundation for sustainable hardware and software asset management, complete transparency of the IT landscape is therefore essential.

The customer’s business model requires flexible server provisioning, resulting in a highly virtualized infrastructure. In addition, there are security requirements at the highest level so that access to the data center is severely restricted.

The solution

Raynet was the only software manufacturer and service provider that could meet the customer’s high demands in the competitive quotation and convinced him during the proof-of-value phase. In addition to many years of experience and highly qualified employees, this is also due to the adaptable solutions, which are continuously developed and adjusted to customer situations.

During implementation, it was critical to work closely with the client’s software asset management team to achieve optimal and rapid results. With the flexible inventory solution RayVentory, a concept was developed which fulfills all security requirements and guarantees highest data quality.

RayVentory offers a variety of scanning methods, both agent-based and agentless, to meet different customer needs. With the portable method Raynet achieved complete coverage of all customer requirements. With this scanning technology, it was possible to use the customer’s existing infrastructure for inventory purposes and to retrieve all required data and information quickly from any location.

In this case, the scanner was stored locally on the servers and executed in the authorization context of an existing solution. The successfully determined data is uploaded to the central RayVentory server and prepared accordingly. Already during the project phase, the customer was able to carry out the inventory independently, so that an efficient transition to regular operation took place. The result is not only reflected in the high data quality, but also in the impressive project time: Within a few months, more than half a million servers could be identified.

RayVentory thus forms the foundation for the integrated software license management, which in this case is realized with the Aspera SmartTrack solution. Through the close cooperation and strategic partnership between Raynet and Aspera, the customer benefits from the synergies of two market-leading solutions in the field of software inventory and license management. The common vision to implement a central inventory solution for all technical data has therefore been successfully implemented.

Customer benefits

The identified software and hardware inventories serve not only to improve transparency, but also to prepare for further important measures: By analyzing the identified software, the effective license requirement can be determined. This provides the basis for license cost optimization and protection against audit risks.

In addition, predictive maintenance can be used to prevent system failures that could otherwise have very critical effects on the customer’s business processes.


“Thanks to the close cooperation with the customer and our innovative software solution RayVentory, we were able to create IT transparency in the company in the shortest possible time and thus lay the foundation for sustainable software asset management,” says Joao Pereira, Consultant at Raynet GmbH and responsible for the project.

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World market leader in image processing and illustration

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