Effective package provisioning via software
packaging factory for the
United Kingdom and Ireland

Effective package provisioning via software packaging factory

A successful U.S. IT consulting and service company was able to establish an efficient software packaging factory for the provision of high-quality software packages using Raynet’s complete software packaging solution, consisting of RayPack Studio and RayFlow.

The customer
Founded in 2017 through the fusion of two companies, the group is the largest independent end-to-end IT service provider in the field of digital transformation. In addition to its headquarters in the USA, the company has a total of 130,000 employees in many other international branches.

The challenge
The globally operating company supports and accompanies its customers in over 70 countries on their way to digital transformation. For the United Kingdom and Ireland, a software packaging factory was to be set up to supply its customers with software packages quickly and reliably.

Due to various services at several locations it was of great importance that the software packaging factory acts as a link between the teams and their used software products. All the important documentation and information for each order is collected and made available as required – at a central location.

In addition, the services provided must meet the high-quality standards and ensure a smooth and effective work process across different locations.

The solution
In an on-site workshop, all previous processes of the customer were analyzed, optimized together with the customer and finally designed with the long term experience of the Raynet experts so that a best practice workflow could be created and implemented for all packaging related tasks.

With RayPack Studio, the US-based IT consulting and service company has a complete portfolio of software products and components to execute processes from evaluation, packaging and virtualization to quality assurance. The integration of all products in RayFlow, the transparent workflow management solution, provides convenient and intuitive access to all data and information. In combination with the tracking and reporting functions, the decentralized teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland can work together optimally.

As a preparation phase for the actual packaging, software packaging instructions are first created automatically using RayEval. The installation and configuration documentation describe the documentation procedure for the packagers with detailed image and text descriptions.

“The IT service provider needed an average of six hours for a comprehensive packaging manual with 140 pages and 320 screenshots. With the help of RayEval, the identical document could be created in just 16 minutes and a time saving of 95.5% could be achieved,” reports Gabriele Humberg, Senior Account Manager at Raynet GmbH.

Based on the installation instructions created with RayEval, each packager knows which settings must be made and creates and configures the software packages individually according to the requirements with RayPack. Other features that offer a value are automated mass conversion and re-packaging on virtual machines: an enormous reduction in the error rate, as manual errors are excluded.

For the subsequent quality assurance of the software packages, the RayQC solution is used to create individual checklists that are used to manually and automatically check various test criteria. In this way, the quality and the initially defined requirements of the software packages can be guaranteed in the best way possible.

During the entire process, RayQC Advanced ensures that the software packages are executable on the target system, such as Windows 10. The packages are checked for compatibility with Microsoft’s operating system guidelines. A following reporting provides information on the compatibility of the software.

With a final product training course and on-the-job training, all employees were able to familiarize themselves with the solutions of the newly built software packaging factory and be prepared for it in the best possible way.

The customer benefits
Within a very short period, the customer was able to benefit from a consistent, automated solution at the highest quality level by setting up the software packaging factory, which makes the constantly growing effort in software packaging controllable and thus resources profitably available.

“The new factory and the implemented products centralize, optimize and monitor all work steps so that the highest quality standards can be achieved while at the same time allocating resources efficiently and saving an enormous amount of time,” reports Gabriele Humberg, Senior Account Manager at Raynet GmbH.


> Largest independent end-to-end IT service provider in the field of digital transformation

> 130,000 employees are spread over the main location in the USA and international subsidiaries

> Customers come from over 70 different countries