Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG

Raynet expands Bechtle’s software packaging factory

Raynet GmbH receives an order from Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG to expand the Bechtle software packaging factory into the most modern and, in its final stage, the largest software packaging factory in Germany. The factory will be largely equipped with RaySuite products from Raynet’s portfolio, including the RayPack software packaging solution and the RayFlow workflow management tool.

In addition to the existing partnership in the field of software management since 2013, both companies have now decided to take a further important step in their close and strategic cooperation. This will primarily benefit customers who purchase Application Lifecycle Management services from Bechtle, especially in the area of software packaging.

The remote service provider based at the headquarters of Bechtle AG in Neckarsulm is therefore relying on a strong partner. Raynet has decades of experience in setting up software packaging factories both for customers and for IT service providers and manufacturers. Raynet employees have been involved in many packaging projects for more than 15 years and not only carry out practical packaging work, but often also determine the packaging guidelines and processes of the companies.

With the further expansion of the packaging factory, Bechtle acquires the opportunity to use Raynet’s holistic best-practice approach in the area of application lifecycle management. As a result, Bechtle and the end customer benefit from a continuous process with the highest quality standards. The process can be configured according to requirements and individually adapted to the customer process structure. The all-in-one solution has central data storage and a consistent, uniform user interface in a state-of-the-art design. All modules of the overall solution can be used holistically, but also modularly. Tools that Bechtle already uses today can be connected to the workflow tool RayFlow and continue to be used optimally throughout the process.

Parallel to the expansion of the factory, Bechtle employees are prepared and certified for future tasks in Application Lifecycle Management using a unique and innovative concept within a module-based training course lasting several months.


“We are proud of the newly developed training program in which we will certify the software packaging and software management consultants of the packaging factory and professionally train them in a unique 6-month training program provided by RayAcademy,” says Ragip Aydin, Managing Partner of Raynet GmbH.




The qualification as Certified Application Packaging Specialist (CAPS) offers participants worldwide for the first time the opportunity to take part in a training course that covers all aspects of work within a packaging factory for software, in addition to the product training courses offered on the market. In addition to packaging, the course also teaches packaging rules and their adaptation, examines work preparation and carries out quality assurance for the packages created. Technologies such as the virtualization of software are also taken into account. The participants are additionally prepared for current project tasks with specially aligned on-the-job training phases and trained for the long-term in the field of application packaging.

“The renewed expansion of our software packaging factory here in Germany is an important building block for Bechtle’s Managed Services portfolio, enabling us to continue offering our customers complex services in the best quality and at attractive prices,” explains Marcus Zimmermann, Managing Director of Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG. “We chose Raynet for the selection of a suitable manufacturer and partner. Raynet proves a very high degree of customer orientation and methodical know-how in the field of software packaging. The integrated tool approach also offers interfaces to already established software distribution solutions. We were also absolutely convinced by the aspect of employee development, which enables us to ensure the availability of optimally qualified employees in the packaging factory in the long term”.