Effective software provisioning processes, even across continents

Aleris is one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing and sale of rolled aluminum products. The company employs about 5,400 people at 13 locations in three geographically aligned business units in North America, Europe and China.

When managing software for approximately 5,400 globally distributed workstations, it is essential to have a qualified team of experts who regularly exchange information and work closely together.

In the past, the software packaging and provisioning process was both time-consuming and organizationally demanding. For the coordination between the responsible colleagues across various continents, different time zones had to be taken into account.

The aim was to shorten the process despite different time zones, making it not only more efficient but also bringing the colleagues closer together.

Especially in the areas of software packaging and provisioning, Aleris was looking for a product solution that would simplify the holistic process and enable the decentralized team to work more efficiently.

By implementing the workflow management solution RayFlow, established software management processes could be managed and also optimized. This self-developed solution controls and monitors all software orders, starting with the acceptance of the software, evaluation, packaging and following quality assurance as well as acceptance and rollout into productive operation. Implementation and design took place within a few days.

RayPack Studio is also the perfect solution for internal software packaging at Aleris, which is handled both in the USA and in Germany. Aleris is convinced by the versatile and intuitive use of the products right from the start.

After an intensive 2-weeks training for the employees of the locations Germany and USA, both teams are optimally prepared and can apply the gained knowledge in their daily work.

In addition, a floating license server was installed so that the software packaging products can be used effectively. This enables the concurrent use of the licenses as they are not machine bound and can therefore be installed on any machine. That makes it a very interesting addition, especially for multinational companies who operate in different time zones. With this model, Aleris can reduce license expenses to a minimum and increase productivity to a maximum. Simplified administration also brings benefits, since no activation or deactivation of licenses is required.

In order to finally assign and import the created software packages, patches and updates via the used software distribution solution System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) at the push of a button, the Microsoft product is connected to RayFlow. This is a major advantage to make work easier, as RayFlow enables the user to control, monitor and manage the whole process with the workflow. The result is a comprehensive process without interruptions.

Customer benefits
With Raynet’s approach and the implemented solutions, Aleris is able to provide complete transparency of information across relevant business areas and regions, as well as insight into internal processes and cycle times. The holistic view in combination with historical insights into all tasks associated with software packaging and deployment are archived in RayFlow under consideration of data protection.

The customer’s goal of establishing an effective process with increased transparency and cooperation between employees on different continents was fully achieved thanks to Raynet’s services and products. It was particularly positive for the customer that existing solutions could be integrated without any problems. The excellent cooperation between the employees involved at the various locations and the Bechtle and Raynet employees was another outstanding success factor. During the training, the customer was not only familiarized with the new solutions but also was able to further optimize his general working method due to the flexibility and expertise of the experienced trainers.

The customer

“Thanks to the introduction of Raynet solutions, we were able to optimize our software packaging and provisioning processes in a very short time and effectively bring together people from different continents and time zones.

If we had known how much Raynet’s product solutions RayPack Studio and RayFlow support all our processes, we would have used them much earlier”.

Sebastian Belzer, Service Delivery Manager EU & AP of Aleris

Country: North America, Europe, China
Industry: Rolled Aluminium Products
Employees: 5,400
Website: aleris.com