The Role Of The Ethos

The objective of our ethos is to support the achievement of our business goals through attracting, retaining and realizing the full potential of high quality people in creating success for our clients and our company. Our ethos is based on practices from many countries, values diversity, and is composed of one set of group principles and practices implemented locally. This supports our global ambitions, mobility of people and solutions between countries, and following best practice everywhere.

Our Raynet ethos is based on a number of important principles that need to be understood and practiced consistently, continuously and wholeheartedly everywhere. It has been proved many times that good ethics are also good business.

Client Focus

The client should always have the highest priority, with client satisfaction a key measure of success, recognition and reward. We need to understand the client’s business and challenges, remain flexible and responsiveness to their needs, make it easy for the client to do business with us (even if this makes it harder for us), and build strong relationships based on trust, openness and integrity.

Raynet’s technical capability lies at the heart of meeting client needs and satisfaction. We aim to compete on value rather than price through our ability to be more technically innovative in delivering business benefit to our clients. Constantly striving to improve technical capability (in the context of effectiveness) is to be prized, where technical competence relates to professional, functional and business skills as well as IT technology.

Openness, Communication and Involvement

We will at all times be open, withholding only client confidential or legally sensitive information. Openness creates a basis for mutual trust and respect, fostering cooperation. Managers at all levels should be accessible to people, communicating proactively and frequently – preferably face-to-face – in an open way in order that they may be informed, motivated, and better able to contribute to the success of the company. Giving accurate and truthful information, good as well as bad, is always the best principle.

People should be involved in decision making processes wherever practical, encouraged to express opinions and propose solutions, in order that we make better decisions and have more committed people. Decisions should be communicated openly and the reasoning explained, with everyone committed to the outcome. The role of properly organized works and staff councils in employee consultation is recognized and valued.

Cooperation is fundamental to our success, where people balance individual goals with those of the team and company. Sharing information and knowledge across the company globally is vital to competitive advantage; hence networking is encouraged and supported.

Equality, Fairness and Meritocracy

No-one should be discriminated against on grounds of color, race, religion, age or sex. We should always treat each other as equals, respecting each other without status, and minimizing special privileges.

We should always act with integrity and behave fairly and honestly to everyone, which includes ourselves, our clients, suppliers, competitors, and the world at large. Broadly, fairness means treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Raynet is a meritocracy, where all employees are recognized and rewarded on the basis of their effort, contribution and achievements to the company, and not on the basis of grade, status or favor. Performance appraisals must be fair, constructive, open and honest. Working hard should also be balanced with playing hard, making work more enjoyable.

Managers and their people are mutually accountable, openly discussing where and how improvements can be made. Managers must lead by example, setting and maintaining standards, taking tough decisions quickly, dealing with problems early, being clear and not avoiding issues.

Professionalism and Quality

Raynet is founded on a long standing reputation for delivering quality IT solutions. We must therefore constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of our solutions and practice high standards of professionalism – good reputations are earned slowly and lost quickly.

Being professional includes being polite and courteous to our clients, suppliers, investors, competitors, and each other – people do business with those they respect and like, so behavior is important. We should observe our contracts both in the spirit and in the letter, fulfilling our obligations as well as expecting others to do likewise.

Personal Development

It is important to our clients and our company that our people have the skills, knowledge and competencies required by our markets. While individuals are responsible for driving their career development, managers are responsible for provide direction, training and coaching. The size and reach of our company creates a large internal job market, offering a range of career paths and specializations to enable people to pursue assignments nationally and internationally with the support of their manager.

The company recognizes the importance of strong, effective managers, able to lead the company with increasingly demanding markets and customers. Management development programs are provided to help managers develop the skills and competencies required together with succession planning, to meet current and future needs. Experience in international roles is important to career advancement.


The company values the long term retention of both clients and good employees. Trust is the fundament for joint work, but also for challenges to be overcome jointly. For mistakes to be corrected jointly and for successes to be celebrated jointly.