Certified ALM Program

Advantages on a glance

For Freelancers and Employees:

  • Boost your own value - training and Certifications are at the foundation of every career.

  • Increase your own productivity - Raynet’s modular trainings are streamlined for high efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Impress your supervisor and/or customers with certifications - A freelancer’s portfolio is their endorsements.

  • Generate more revenue through an increase in projects and/or sales with certifications - Gain a competitive advantage.

  • Extend your offerings portfolio - with a comprehensive training from Raynet, you will be able to do packaging, setup corporate packaging guidelines, design the process, and deliver a unified documentation – esentially you will be able to offer consulting services.

For Companies

  • Qualify and certify your employees. Education supports motivation and efficient working skills. 

  • Win more projects by having the proper certificates/training. Training certifications showcase your company’s knowledge and expertise in the areas required to win a project.

  • Verify and optimize your processes - rely on the knowledge of experienced experts train your employee(s) to become a “Certified software packager” and your packaging tasks will in turn be more efficient and effective (our recent statistical data reveals upwards of 40% reduction in effort).

  • Improve your IT services through proven processes and methods. 

  • Shorten your lead- and throughput-times, lower your costs and increase your performance. 


Training the Software Management of Tomorrow - Become Certified in Packaging and Software Management


Be one of the first Certified Software Packagers on the market! Learn about software packaging in general and selected tools from the market. Every training is filled with practical sessions and real life case studies to become the best professional packager. Raynet trainings will provide the necessary knowledge to get your daily work done faster and more efficient compared to others.

Or extend your knowledge in the area of the Application Lifecycle Management and learn the steps of the software lifecycle and how to gain advantages with this know how - Be the first point of contact for software management questions in your company!

Get certified and present yourself as a true specialist. Raynet’s vision ‘From specialist to specialist’ applies in each of our trainings.

Use Raynet's entire know-how to gain market advantages by training and broadening your skills. 

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