Readiness Check

Compatibility check for new work environments

It goes without saying that the software you already use runs on your systems. Maybe already for years. And it should do so. It serves users in their daily fight for market shares and one get used to it, like to personal tools you would use when working in your home.

But what happens when you need to renew a broader spectrum of your IT. You want to maintain your investments and be on the leading edge of technology. So once in a while you might even be requested to change the operating system. And certainly, those changes can have an impact on the availability of your applications.

Numerous reasons why those can have problems to function and run into trouble, or they might stop working at all or don’t even start in new environments. As part of setting up an migration plan, the check upon compatibility among all applications is mandatory to avoid failures afterwards causing high costs and blackouts in working hours.

RayQC Advanced

Raynet offers with RayQC Advanced a tool-based service that checks upon application readiness today for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, on Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 1012 R2 as well as Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. Preparing the operational execution of this program and making sure, that ones it runs its covering all you need, this is where Raynet can help you with.

It also saves a lot of money to do this. You avoid processing applications which will not run anyway, so why spending time on money on it processing it through the life cycle? Talk to Raynet about how to do an application readiness check and about the results you can expect.


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Top Benefits

Cost control

  • Solid basis for estimating time and effort needed for the migration of applications from an existing platform
  • High level of remediation to correct compatibility errors

 Quicker migration process

  • Integrated and production engineering orientated process
  • Provides significant relief in speeding up subsequent processes, in for example Evaluation“, Packaging“ and Quality Assurance“


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