Packaging Factory

What is the Virtual Packaging Factory?

The Raynet Virtual Packaging Factory is consisting of services based on a methodology used by the involved parties who follow agreed upon processes with defined interfaces and handover-procedures.

It manifests itself physically  through its infrastructure, such as computers, rooms, buildings, furniture for staff, etc. Since the physical manifestation can be done easily and principally everywhere, the Packaging Factory can be setup anytime, or vice versa, any setup group can be part of the Factory by simply following their process rules. That gives the factory an enormously flexibility and that is, why Raynet calls it a “Virtual Packaging Factory”.

It raises the throughput of packages, enhances its quality, and lowers the throughput -costs and also the costs for staffing. Any outside disturbances or developments (e.g. increasing labor costs) can –at least to a certain degree- be compensated by the factory‘s flexibility.


The Raynet SoftwarePackaging Factory helps customers and partners to prepare software for the purposes of deployment and unattended installations/uninstallations without heavy investment in in-house packaging resources or know how.

Based on an on-site/nearsite/off-site model, the Raynet customers and partners (on-site) and the PF (off-site) provide the perfect blend of dedicated project management and experienced consulting.  Partners are able to increase their customer retention by doing the consultancy on client site and become the interface to the off-site packaging division of Raynet.  The factory gives customers –and partners- access to:

  • The experience and knowledge of a market leading vendor
  • Established best-practice processes
  • Most advanced infrastructure and technology
  • High educated and motivated specialists
  • Field-tested templates and guide-lines


How does this work?

Step 1. Structured packaging requirements gathering

Experienced Raynet experts provide an onsite Workshop for an as-is-analysis, also training, tools and methodology to this process, but the key ingredient is the leadership of a skilled company who develops a strong relationship with the customer and who knows their business requirements, processes and standards. By necessity this step requires on-site consulting.

Step 2. Creating the Package

Once the requirement gathering is complete, the Raynet packaging team goes to work. Using the award winning best-of-breed tools and drawing on many man-years of packaging experience, the packaging team will repackage applications to the customers individually configured standards. This can also include virtualization or conflict management.

Step 3. Testing and integration

Once the applications are packaged they must be subject to rigorous testing, integration and quality assurance. This, of necessity must be done at the customer site and requires the help of a skilled consultant who is familiar with Raynet’s packaging methodology and the customer’s specific requirements and standards. A complete set of tools automating and controlling the complete life cycle of software (RaySuite) is ready to run your software management. The factory represents a part of that, doing a part of evaluation, the complete packaging and quality assurance. You have the option to automate the deployment, which will be seamlessly integrated. With RaySuite you also have the option to automate and embed the steps happen prior to do evaluation and packaging, such as checking your software on suitability for the target platform or do inventory and licensing in your portfolio.

Why selecting a Package Factory?

Package Factory Benefits

  • A Package Factory is a rapid, reliable and cost-effective method for outsourcing software packaging. Our off-site model is a proven method for leveraging highly skilled packaging professionals for use on global projects

  • In-depth knowledge of application packaging and software distribution

  • Experts in repackaging existing legacy installation packages from any vendor to MSI format Comprehensive understanding and consultant expertise in Microsoft Windows Installer technologies and .MSI standards Cost-effective Windows MSI packaging service

  • Drive TCO costs down, while delivering high quality software on-time and on-budget

  • Once packaged, applications can be quickly installed on a range of desktops in multiple locations, saving administrative costs