Evaluation of the Software

Evaluation is defined as a systematic collection, assessment and interpretation of data in order to enable a reliable and valid appraisal of the software in question, in this section in particular for the purpose of packaging software.

Here the results of the evaluation are used to derive information on whether a previously defined objective has been achieved and where it will be possible to leverage additional potential improvements. Therefore the results achieved, conclusions or recommendations must be transparent and based on empirically ascertained qualitative and/or quantitative data. The evaluation of software is intended to test and appraise the "usability" of a software product.

This reveals the significance of the evaluation: As the level of accuracy and precision in the evaluation procedures rise, both the amount of post-processing required and the throughput times for the software in the process drops. Thru hundreds of projects, Raynet enjoys significant experiences in this area, has setup and maintained numerous checklists and finally build a tool –RayEval- to address this important task in its overall software management lifecycle.

Checking if a software runs or not and setting up a test plan at the same time for later use in quality assurance, checking on dozen of criteria and possibly doing some engineering, the evaluation makes sure, all passed software can be packaged and tested afterwards. It represents the job preparations for the following taks of packaging and virtualization as well as quality assurance. The better evaluation is done, the easier will the following jobs be performed. And the better will be the final quality!


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Top Benefits

  • Professional evaluation documentation

Our Solution for Evaluation

With RayEval a precise and orderly documentation is a pre-requisite to avoid unnecessary costs. Typically all evaluation documentation is done manually.