Software Packaging

Raynet offers different operation models of packaging (onsite / remote / mixed operation)

Software packaging can be done onsite at the customer or in one of Raynet’s packaging factories (Remote). For long-term packaging projects Raynet recommends a mixed operation. In this case, the packaging takes place onsite (created in the customer environment) as well as in an independent location. To carry out testing, we set up an image corresponding to the standard client of the customer. The exchange of information and data can be controlled with our workflow tool RayFlow, if desired. This is how we achieve a high level of effectiveness and conformity with our customer`s clients.

For certain applications, it is necessary to package these onsite, e.g. in case of hardware dependencies, if a client-server solution cannot be simulated or in case of safety-critical applications. Onsite packaging is also recommended if only a small number of packages need to be created.

Top Benefits

Economical advantage guaranteed

  • The experience and knowledge of a market leading vendor
  • High educated and motivated specialists
  • Established best-practice processes


Our Service Software Packaging includes the following individual activities:

  • Consideration of evaluation results to create a software package (documents and installation sources)
  • Decision on the packaging location (Onsite / Remote / Mixed operation)
  • Creation of an unattended installation package in accordance with specifications in the packaging guidelines and evaluation documents
  • Package testing