Software License Optimization

Audit support is part of our Service RayOptimize

RayOptimize is a set of consulting services delivered by Raynet’s team of experts to enable and maintain accurate software inventory in the enterprise. Its analysis by our experts is based both on raw data provided by discovery and inventory tools, as well as commercial application information delivered from software analysis. The result of this exercise is a comprehensive report across your enterprise about all installed software applications, their quantities and important license properties.

Having an accurate software and license inventory is an issue regularly faced by IT administrators and IT buyers. A successful inventory is also made more difficult nowadays by geographically distributed locations and the number and diversity of clients and servers in any organization.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

RayOptimize eliminates weakness in your license environment and develops improved target processes. Harmonize and streamline your software landscape by bundle licenses, negotiate with software vendors, remove non required applications and malware.

Audit Support

Audit Support

RayOptimize supports you if a software manufacturer makes use of its right to audit you. No matter if you have to face an internal or external software license audit, a comprehensive report of all instances of a software application instead of unrepresentative random sampling, helps you to recognize unlicensed installations and enables you with the most accurate audit preparation possible.

License Optimization

License Optimization

RayOptimize provides you with product independent software portfolio analysis to support your IT departments It is crucial for enterprises to gather information on what they have installed in order to plan necessary projects like OS migrations or the implementation of a software deployment tool. A thorough software inventory is the key to successfully achieve necessary IT projects like system and application migration projects, or software packaging projects.

How does RayOptimize work?

First scan your systems with RayVentory (a license will be provided) for software and hardware installed on your computer systems through Zero-Touch technology. RayVentory will deliver raw data needed for detailed software analysis. This initial scan can also be performed by other tools such as Microsoft SCCM or Matrix 42 Emiprum.

Afterwards, your raw data is identified by COMPAREX Profiler DNA, a unique tool for identifying software from your inventory data. It calculates which software products have been found at different levels of your IT environment, providing a solid database for various processes based on your software inventory.

RayOptimize provides a comprehensive analysis of your hardware and software landscape based on professional IT solutions used since decades on large scale projects. A large number of attributes are reported on, such as: product, versioning, quantities, license categories etc.

You can order RayOptimize either separately or as a set with other consulting services.


Your Benefit is to save time and administrative overheads by:

  • Ready-to-use application overview
  • No manual approach trying to collect HW/SW asset data
  • Better planning for system and application migration projects
  • Recommendations to application consolidation

Audit Support

  • Better preparation for audits through accurate overview of assets
  • Improved buying processes for future software purchases and license contracts
  • Roll-in of the license entitlements
  • Vendor specific licensing consultancy

License Optimization

  • License bundling, increased negotiating power with software vendors
  • Rationalization of software distribution to certain groups of staff
  • Lower TCOs thanks to centralized software control and standardized software management
  • Elimination of weaknesses within your license enviroment and development of improved targed processes

Our Solution for License Optimization


RayOptimize provides a set of consulting services to enable and maintain accurate software inventory in the enterprise.
In detail:

  • Software Portfolio Analysis
  • Audit Support
  • License Optimization