SAM Baseline

Software Balance Sheet with "Money-back Guarantee"

Presumably, you have already received a request from the publisher for a remote or onsite license check? Or even a letter from a certified auditor to announce an audit?

This means it is high time to choose a partner who will protect you against the biggest threat resulting from inaccurate licensing. This again requires an uncompromising clarification of your actual license situation. Because both, over and under-licensing, can be a costly issue.

The implementation of such a project is called “SAM Baseline” – It is already established as an effective measurement on the market.

How does this project work and what is the plan of procedure for it?

SAM Baseline provides transparency creates legal affirmation and offers the best possible method to professional license management. At the same time, it is the ideal point of time to test the annual, often high and unmanageable costs for software. Experts estimate that up to 30% of the annual software costs can be saved within the first year of establishing a license management system. Many companies can secure a high, six-figure amount which again compensates the project costs by far.

As a leading company in license consultancy and tool publishing, we are willing to issue a guarantee of success. If we cannot save at least 10% of annual software costs for you, our services will be absolutely free! There is zero risk and nothing to lose.

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Overview on the consecutive steps of SAM Baseline:

Button_1.jpg The kick-off workshop instills the starting point for a successful project, in which all software decision-makers and stakeholders create a common understanding of the objectives to be achieved.
Button_2.jpg The inventory of used software products delivered by our discovery & inventory product, RayVentory, creates an optimal basis for future project work. High quality data obtained during inventory is essential and will guarantee success during the project. With a recognition rate of almost 90%, we ensure that all software requiring licensing is accounted for.
Button_3.jpg For the creation of the license balance, two sides need to be involved: Inventory of all existing licenses and contracts with the vendors.
Button_4.jpg The comparison of both databases with the collected information represents a preliminary license balance from which the first risks and potentials can already be derived.
Button_5.jpg To determine the best possible commercial result, all possible user rights are applied within the consolidation phase in order to achieve the maximum optimization.
Button_6.jpg During the next step, the inventory data will be compared with the installed software products and the license requirements resulting from the use of the products, and the result will be documented in a final report.
Button_7.jpg At the end of this project, the final license balance report showing optimization possibilities and concrete recommendations will be handed over.

Congratulations – You have accomplished it!

Top Benefits

  • Transparency on all used software products of the publisher
  • Transparency on your entitlement of software licenses for use
  • Overview on the effective license status
  • Legal affirmation and effective compliance
  • Audit defense in regards to publishers` audits and announced license checks
  • Groundwork for an optimized software procurement
  • Groundwork for future contract negotiations with publishers
  • Basis for a standardization of the software portfolio

SAM Baseline Flyer

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Our Product for SAM Baseline


Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory

RayVentory offers comprehensive hardware and software scans either with an agent or through Zero-Touch agentless technology. It is a web or USB-pen drive which enables the discovery and inventory of computer devices, VMware, Hyper-V hosts and Oracle database instances.

It provides a smart scan and data gathering of physical and virtual devices at low costs as well as comprehensive reports about hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V and Oracle database servers.

In addition RayVentory removes barriers of complex IT infrastructures and possible limitations of the Works Council allowing data gathering initiated by the end user himself.