Maturity Analysis

Software Asset Management can only be enabled with the suitable mix of acting individuals, processes and technologies. This is lowering the risk of being under licensed or it reduces costs in the other case. A detailed maturity analysis of a given situation at the beginning of a SAM project is mandatory to make sure, that the right targets getting approached.


RayAnalyze offers a comprehensive service package. We will identify shortcomings and weaknesses within your organization and show you, how to minimize risks and how to reduce cost of managing your software. At the end we will provide recommendations and an action plan to improve the situation. This will help a business to target focus areas rather than following a ‘broad brush’ approach.

To ensure an efficient and reliable assessment, we will interview the appropriate contact persons from your organization using a product-based questionnaire that is based on ISO 19770 combined with a pragmatic approach of our consultant’s best-practice experience, covering all organizational and technical aspects. We benchmark your processes and systems against best-practices in the industry. The results will be taken into a comprehensive management report including risk assessment and concrete actions to be taken.

Form business cases

to form a business case, contains measures of which a roadmap and a project plan can easily be derived. The ISO Norm recommends a frequent repetition of such assessments as internal audits. Thus is to find out if the established SAM organization gets improved into a more efficient organization. Processes and tools must secure the required compliance.



  • Workshop with appropriate contacts: Planning the workshop, provision of resources
  • Benchmarking of the starting situation versus targets, plus Gap-Analysis and Risk explanations
  • Joint target definition, approach of assessments, anchor license management in the organization, Scoping and description of target systems
  • Tool based questionnaire to Management processes, operative processes and interface processes like change management, purchase department, etc.
  • Suggestions to close the gaps and conduction of measures
  • Off -Site-Analysis, Documentation handover
  • Results presentation in front of project responsible individuals and their respective management incl. fi nal and recommendation for concrete actions

Benefits on a glance

  • Identification of strategical and operative gaps
  • Determine the maturity degree of your SAM organization
  • Deviation of as-is-status toward best-practice organization
  • Assessing risks of not closing the gaps
  • Determination of possible cost savings
  • Concrete measures to form a business case as a base to build the roadmap or a project plan and as a base to select a SAM tool
  • Affordable/low risk project with a high added value
  • Compact project period with purposeful results after just a few days


RayAnalyze Components

First Step

Consultant onsite visit to discuss the different SAM aspects with the designated contact persons of the customer.

Second Step

Results of the onsite session will be summarized and evaluated from our SAM process experts.

Third Step

Finally entire assessment will be documented in a management report and the key findings presented to the customer.