SAM System Migration

Years ago, Raynet started to extend their Application Lifecycle activities and services to support Software Asset Management solutions like Flexera Flexnet Manager Platform and Aspera SmartTrack. Meanwhile, Raynet has acquired a great knowledge of different SAM platform solutions, know how, and recognizable expertise and references from different customer projects around the world. In addition, Raynet is providing cloud-based SAM solutions for customers like ESPRIT (Esprit Europe and Asia).

Since early 2014, Raynet is providing its own SAM product and services called RaySAMi, based on SmartTrack, and implementing this into RaySuite to support the full lifecycle for software applications along with licenses, contracts and maintenance. From demand, asset management, software packaging to software deployment … the RaySuite family is constantly growing.

This is why Raynet not only offers new SAM implementations, but a seamless migration of any SAM solution to RaySAMi as well.

Our main emphasis in supporting your migration is to save your investment in your current solution by:

  • Migrating as musch data as possible using the nearly endless data exchange possibilities of RaySAMi
  • Adopting every interface which have proven effective by their business rationale
  • Enhancing the usability and ease of use
  • Achieving efficiency through automation and process integration
  • Seamless integration with other Raynet products of the entire RaySuite

If your actual SAM solution doesn’t fit your needs, or you think about an even bigger and much better integrated solution covering every phase of the application lifecycle, you should choose Raynet and our RaySuite products to bring your vision to life.

Last but not least, you can handover the complete operation of regular SAM tasks to Raynet. Contact the Raynet sales office or one of our partners to get the full overview of SAM solutions by Raynet.

The possibilities are infinite – just like the infinitive loop in managing applications.

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SAM System Migration