Migration Services

Migration Services

Today’s fast changes in technology specifically impact information technology or even originate from it. Your IT department is therefore always undergoing changes, be it the more simple and repetitive ones or the changes bringing more complexity and risk.

The simple, regular and predictable application updates are mostly straightforward and are facilitated by Change Management systems and processes in day-to-day IT management.

Our experience from the past few years shows us that dependencies in IT are an ever increasingly demanding and risky challenge due to the expanding integration of systems and applications. This type of Major Changes is also called migrations or migration projects, which take into account not only the updates overall but also the changes that are necessary for all technologies, organizations, applications and processes.

Raynet specializes in “Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management” focusing on the changes in the application landscape. Our company boasts hundreds of successful migration projects and decades of experience.

For example, the migration of an operating system to another usually includes the migration of every software application and data (Windows Migration).

Raynet accompanies you in any migration process, so that you don’t have to wait to acquire the required skills and resources to start your next project. We boast certified consultants, standardized processes, proved methods and innovative technologies for your next migration. A tight project management following Prince2 principles ensures the project is run efficiently and leads to a successful completion.

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Windows Migration

Deployment Migration

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SAM System Migration

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