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The New Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises

Small to medium businesses (SMB) wish for a professional software management system, but often shy away because of the high costs associated with it. Just like large enterprises, they need a safe and reliable way to manage and update their applications and operating systems. They also need to relieve their IT resources. Ideally, SMBs should not have to manually deal with their software management and their tools should be able to support the entire lifecycle of an application.

Package Store & Ray Suite Appliance

And like many other enterprises, those businesses do not want to have to spend a fortune on consulting services at implementation or whenever an upgrade of the software management tool is required. They want to be able to keep their existing infrastructure and at the same time possess a software management system that can grow with their company. RaySuite Appliance is the perfect solution for small to medium businesses because it can do all of this and much more; it is a system encompassing the entire “Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management” for small budgets. As an appliance, managed service or as a cloud solution.


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Best Practice Software Packaging Workflow

  • Web-based workflow system with a unique platform to support IT departments in their software packaging projects
  • Provides real time information and progress monitoring of all tasks in the software packaging lifecycle
  • Flexible mail notification of work status, changes, and visual alert elements
  • SLA management with several control options and detailed reports
  • Web-based and client version available
  • Integration of all packaging products offers a comfortable and intuitive access of all data and information

Software and Hardware Inventory

  • Discovery of computer devices. VMware-hosts and Oracle database instances
  • Agent-based and angentless inventory allows inventory on desktops and servers
  • RayVentory2Go with USB-pen drive – enables the discovery of unmanaged devices
  • Also available as a powerful add-on for FlexNet Manager Platform and RayManageSoft customers
RayEval   RayPack

Software Evaluation

  • Easy-to-use automated tool generates professional documentation containing screenshots and descriptions for each installation step
  • Evaluation project can be easily exported (e.g. Office Word)
  • High level of customization (plugin-based, reporting, custom templates, custom project properties, etc.)
  • Integration in RayFlow allows the export of created documents for further use
  • Assessment of whether all relevant package information is complete:
    - Required license key
    - Required hardware and infrastructure
    - Documentation

Best-of-breed Software Packaging

  • Reliable snapshot-based machine capture before and after the installation of an application
  • Creation of project files in multiple available formats for future editing  (.msi, .mst, and .rva)
  • Creation of virtual packages for App-V, XenApp. ThinApp and SWV)
  • Package project editor tool allows for solid and powerful editing of the packages
  • Integration with RayFlow allows you to open MSI, RPP and MST files from RayFlow and save the work results in RayFlow
  • PackBench: Management of standardized packaging routines


Software Packaging Quality Control

  • Rule-based tool used to create and execute software package test criteria in easy to make checklists
  • Allows the creation of your own test criteria for each individual quality control phase in the software packaging lifecycle
  • Automates part of the test routines (”Runbook“) through the integration of your own or Raynet’s developed automated test scripts
  • Integration in RayFlow allows an upload of reports and the export of checklists in RayFlow

New Generation of Software Deployment

  • Automatically and centrally deploys OS and software applications
  • Proactive patch management and monitoring of patch releases
  • Enhanced roll-out control - allows full control with roll-out waves, giving administrators the opportunity to promptly react on unplanned events
  • Desired state (self-healing) and task-based deployment


Package Store


Standardized software packages at a fixed price

  • Analyzed, packaged and quality-assured software at a fixed price
  • The packages have configuration options that can be customized within an intuitive wizard named RayPackage
  • It is possible to edit generated packages in our RayPack Studio
  • Top100+ list, with the most commonly used software titles in companies



  • RaySuite Appliance will be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, even in a virtual one
  • If an enterprise needs to grow, a full service SQL server can easily be upgraded
  • The Solution supports a large number of distribution nodes


  • A pre-configured application for diff erent expertise levels (Users, Administrators)
  • An integration into your existing infrastructure, like Active Directory (AD), SQL or its capability to run insulated from existing IT
    infrastructure if needed. In other words, you can decide to use the AD of your infrastructure or not
  • Easy, straightforward updating by a simple replacement of the application part in question


  • Discrete set of applications running on “one separate box” (as an applicance) without interfering established IT processes


  • RaySuite Appliance has a complete compliment of software solutions including a packaging solution, a powerful workflow solution, a quality assurance & evaluation solution, and even a deployment tool that has patch management and OS deployment capability
  • The deployment agent supports a variety of operating systems and their various versions, such as Windows, MAC, OSX and Linux
  • A customer can choose to use decentralized distribution hierarchy and virtualization, allowing to continue even if main service fails if
    option got chosen
  • Automated discovery allows an easy rollout for clients


  • The only required components a possible customer might have to purchase is the Microsoft 2012 Standard Server; one license per
    processor – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express is free of charge
  • There are just a handful of software-requirements necessary, and the installation of RaySuite Appliance will be done in a plug & play

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