RaySAMi - Software License Management

Top Benefits

Master Catalog

  • Covers 80% of entire raw software inventory out-of-the-box


  • Agentless inventory for every unmanaged device collecting inventory data on file share, web or USB pen drive: even highly secure devices can be scanned.
  • Cloud based Inventory
  • vSphere inventory management: inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to ESX/ vCenter servers.
  • Oracle Inventory Management: inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to Oracle databases.

License management

  • Establishes One-Click Compliance, cost-charging, workflows and optimization
  • Offers cloud and on premise installation of RaySAMi
  • Enables data quality management
  • Delivers dashboards and KPI monitoring
  • Provides Software and Hardware Asset Management

RaySAMi as a Service

Improve the compliance position in an audit



Software License Management

RayVentory in association with SmartTrack from ASPERA.

The installation of Software requires to comply with specific license terms and conditions. And every license that doesn’t find its way into license management – and whose product use rights are consequently not accurately catalogued – prohibits efficient planning and ultimately undermines the value of SAM while simultaneously increasing the risk of failing a software audit.


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