RayMobile – Mobile Device Management

Intuitive Management Solution for Mobile Devices

Companies increasingly reach their limits when it comes to the management of Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows tablets and smartphones. RayMobile provides a comprehensive management solution for central management and configuration of the latest devices no matter what the smartphone operating system is. The configuration and management is made by our intuitive management console which enables the management of all devices from any computer at any time. RayMobile off ers the possibility of a smooth inventory of mobile devices as well as from the installed applications.

RayMobile allows a central installation
of individual company applications on smartphones. New apps can be easily installed on all devices in real time. Within a short period of time, company applications can be installed or blocked on devices via white- and blacklisting. RayMobile provides the security of data to a large extent.

RayDemand Main Dialogue
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Manage your applications on mobile devices with RayMobile



To avoid data loss
RayMobile is so far-reaching that all data can be re-installed on any device after a theft or loss. Moreover, RayMobile permits easy removal of company data after a loss. All critical data of a company is protected by a secure password on the mobile device which is based on the company policies. To protect company critical data against unauthorized access, it is important that the data traffic between the company and the devices is protected as well as the data on the smartphones.

In the course of time
smartphones and tablets have developed into constant companions of employees in the company. Based on the motto ‘Bring Your Own Device’ employees use their smartphones and tablets to strengthen their job roles within the company. Security of data presents companies a major challenge. RayMobile makes it very easy with its intuitive management console to manage all devices as well as stored data, for example smartphones are configured by the IT department to receive business e-mails or access to the company-wide intranet. The RayMobile security management Dual Persona separates business data from private; it guarantees a clear management between two independent end-user environments. High productivity and a flawless use of smartphones and tablets are promised by RayMobile.


Best-Practice-Workflow for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Top Benefits
  • Security and control are achieved through isolation of corporate apps and data on mobile devices
  • Granular enforcement of app, data, and device policies
  • Easy handling
Mobile Device Management
  • Comprehensive device policies & privacy controls
  • Remote device configuration & profile management
  • Real-time email Management
  • Device jailbreak & root detection
Mobile App Management
  • Real-time app installation
  • Enterprise app Store
  • Black- & Whitelisting of Apps
  • Ability make apps invisible
Mobile Content Management
  • Share Content to your mobile devices
  • Provision of documents by your company own servers