RayDemand - Web Portal for Hardware, Software and Services

Web Portal for Hardware, Software and Services
In many companies it is very time and resource-consuming to request Software or Hardware. A service desk is frequently overloaded with routine inquiries that are less critical – things like setting up a new PC workstation, resetting passwords or procuring standard equipment. Many relevant processes in the service chain, like purchasing, inventorying or budget control, take up additional time. At the same time, customers increasingly demand high quality and rapid provisioning of services.

With RayDemand Raynet provides an attractive and modern service shop for the selection and application of order requests. The customer satisfaction increases because of the personalized catalog which clearly arranged off ers products and services.

RayDemand Main Dialogue
Personalized products and services for selection in the web portal

RayDemand Optional Software


RayDemand Configuration Notebook
Configuration of a new workstation in the web portal

RayDemand Check Out
Summary of selected products and services in the shopping cart


More efficient processes
RayDemand supports the management of service orders – from placement to delivery. The processes throughout the process chain are characterized by a high degree of standardization and automation. Therefore, they can be carried out very effi ciently, securely and transparently for everyone involved, since they no longer have to be done manually.

Higher quality of service
The RayDemand web portal enables users to request products and services available to them independently. This helps ensure customer satisfaction on account of high quality service, lasting reduction in costs, and needed relief of the service desk.


Best-Practice-Workflow for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Top Benefits

  • Quick processing of inquiries for Hardware, Software and Services

  • Improve the efficiency of the service desk by relieving it from routine tasks

  • Cut costs – thanks to the high degree of standardization and automation throughout the service delivery process

  • Reduce procurement costs by bundling orders and reducing ordering processes

  • Increase transparency by process monitoring and process key data

  • Increase the quality of service by means of standardized service delivery

  • Rapid introduction with minimal training efforts, thanks to intuitive operation

  • Integration into RayFlow and further automation over the entire Application Lifecycle Management Process