Partner Products

The number of available products in the market segment of software management is large but countable – and at the same degree confusing. The differentiation whether or not a product is “good” or “bad” depends on the criteria one defines for it.

Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), a British Physician and in 1908 Nobel laureate in chemistry, once said: “A really good science theory can be explained to a barmaid”. That is what counts for Raynet, because it counts for our customers.

  • We will always hide the complexity of products from using them.
  • We will automate what’s possible to free human minds from routine so they can concentrate on thinking.
  • We will make products complement each other, so they can work jointly, instead of causing all handshaking burdens on human shoulders.
When you take a look to the life cycle management of software, you will find out, that you find products to purchase software, to inventory them, to license them, to check upon their ability to run in your environment, to deploy them, to install and de-install them or to correct, extend and expand them. All products work. Every product with a different user interface, with a separate data base and autonomous, so the product key you key into inventory once you purchased the software, needs to be keyed in again once you install it. In best cases you might be able to have two or three working jointly, in some cases they share some data, but there is no seamlessly integrated solution which guides, monitors and controls purchased software over its entire life cycle. This is different with RaySuite. RaySuite products not only share data, they also work under just one human interface. And nevertheless we also use third party products which we integrate into this concept. Just o make sure, you profit from off-the-shelf-products produced by highly dynamic markets.
And YES, we do sell highly productive solutions from partners, not without evaluating, if those really fit your needs.  This is the yardstick: It must be a win-win-win deal, since our customers are the most important part in a project. It is the art of balancing between gaining speed and productivity on the one hand, and payments on the other.
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