Apprentice at Raynet

IHK training company

As a recognized training company of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Raynet supports the apprenticeship of young people.

Since 2004, we seize the duty of the German mid tier to train professional newcomers according to the nation-wide training plan and examination regulations. Our aim is to give newcomers a good start entering into employment. Our comprehensive training program contains five different careers:

Apprenticeship Software Development

You are totally interested in computers and the software within? Words C# or C++ are established in your mind. System errors or other disturbances cannot stress you because you always have the solutions on hand. Programming is one of your passion and you always wanted to develop program?

Apprenticeship System integration

Technical work like repairing a computer, updating a smartphone or explaining a program is easy for you. You always wanted to know how a company network runs within and how every telephone, computer and Notebook is connected?

Apprenticeship IT Systems

If someone asks you what you want to do in your professional work life, your answer is always ‘something with technology but also sales and administration’. Your goal is to enrich your knowledge constantly and to advise customers. You claim to be a part of our company’s success.

Apprenticeship Marketing Communication

You are interested in designing marketing materials like flyers, powerpoints and give aways for for each product of the portfolio. You like to organize events. Social Media is something you are an expert in.

Apprenticeship Office Management

The boss requires an overview of his appointments, the phone gives no rest and an invoice needs to be registered. The good thing is, you won’t get stressed just because all tasks come at once. You take care of all areas in the office.


A majority of the recent trainees have been employed permanently.

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